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SUP Training with TRX

One of the things that is really difficult when travelling around the world for SUP Races is to keep up with your training routine, you can’t travel with dumbells, might not have access to a gyms unless you choose a ***** start hotel. That’s why we love Annabel Andersons’ Bodyweight exercises so much. 

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New Design

We have just run a major site update. Bear with us while we fix all the nitty-gritty stuff. All content is still there, we just need to properly match the categories and links!

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Bingo SUP Charity in Austin

You don’t need to travel to the Bahamas or Costa Rica just to enjoy stand up paddling or SUP for short, because there’s a place in the United States that offers many opportunities for this water sport. This haven for stand up paddle fanatics is Austin, which is also known for its vibrant bingo scene. With many bingo halls dotting the city including Austin Bingo, people can easily get their daily dose of this game. 

Bingo is a popular recreation in the United States because of its simple game rules and attractive rewards. Based on a study, there are more than 16.7 million people in the country that played bingo in 2011 and over $533.8 million worth of prizes were won that same year. Out of the total amount of winnings, Texas Lottery Commission received $29 million from its Charitable Bingo

With the combination of bingo and stand up paddling, organizers can raise funds for different charitable institutions. There is a possibility of having a huge attendance in such event because of the number of bingo and SUP enthusiasts in Austin. 

So how can you combine both recreations? It is simple. All you need to do is find a location where you can hold your bingo SUP charity event. A good choice is at the Highland Lakes, which is a chain of seven lakes in Austin. But you need to buy stand up paddle equipment at SUP ATX and bingo supplies at Thompson Allstate Bingo Supply for your charity event. 

Bingo can be played while the stand up paddlers are resting on their boards. Instead of putting numbers on the cards, you can put some SUP terms and tricks. The first one to complete a straight line wins the game. 

You can spread the word for this upcoming event through your friends at Bingogodz and CenTex SUP so they can invite their family and friends as well. If you plan to hold this event under the stars, then you can organize a charity bingo at Austin Paddle Sports, which is known for its SUP Glow Night Tours held every Friday night.