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Learn to Paddleboard on St. John, USVI. SUP Lessons and Rental

Learn to Paddleboard in one of the world’s most stunning SUP destinations with!


What’s SUP? 

SUP is short from Stand Up Paddling. It is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. The sport is an ancient form of surfing, and reemerged as a way for surfing instructors to manage their large groups of students, as standing on the board gave them a higher viewpoint.There are hints that the ancient pacific islanders already used boards to ride waves and move on the water. According to that SUP was an early conjunction of the traditional Polynesian disciplines canoeing and surfing. With the invention of lightweight shortboards into the surfing scene, SUP felt a bit into oblivion but has recently been rediscovered and now is the fastest growing watersports since the 80s windsurf boom.


People of every age and ability can learn to Stand-Up Paddle on any kind of water surface. Only condition: Being a good swimmer, in case you fall in. The eco-friendly new popular sport offers a perfect, holistic workout which is easy on the joints. In order to move the board, the whole body has to be under tension so it is a strong ‘core’ workout. But it’s not just the core, the legs are needed to balance the board and the arms do the paddling. So it is a very effective total body workout, which will change your body for the better within weeks. Plus, discovering stunning scenery from a SUP is much more fun than being on the treadmill…


First Steps

You will need a board, a paddle, bikini/boardshorts/Lycra. Start in a calm bay with little waves and winds. The basic technique (paddle stroke and turns) can be learned in 1-2hours. Everybody can do it, from 5 year old kids to 70 year old seniors. You can give it a try yourself with information you find in books or on this website, but we would always recommend to take a lesson from a certified SUP instructor, to ensure you hold the paddle correctly, learn the right stroke technique and are safe even when it gets windy and choppy.

Lessons on St. John, USVI

St. John with its beautiful beaches and warm water is the perfect place to learn to paddleboard. With a board you can get to those unspoiled, uncrowded places that cannot be reached by foot or car. A paddle from Cruz Bay to Francis or Maho takes about 1 to 2 hours for an advanced paddler.
Lucy from is an ISA-certified SUP Instructor and Fanatic team rider. She has taught hundreds of people how to paddle.
In 2012, she paddled from Tortola to Jost van Dyke and back, she did the 220km Eleven City Tour in Holland and placed 4th in the 2012 European Long Distance rankings. On the weekend of July 13th 2013, she circumnavigated St. John in 7 hours and 56 minutes on her 14′ SUP, solo and unassisted.
She says:
I had been paddling for about half a year when I met Annabel Anderson, the world’s fastest female paddler. She showed me the right technique and I have been hooked on SUP ever since. I have passed on this technique to many beginners, who are having a great time and start to even beat me in races. I am sad when I see people helplessly drifting around, having the wrong paddle length, holding the paddle backwards and doing a stroke that is not efficient and bad for the body. I would love to teach you what I learned from Annabel, to make sure you have fun and are safe on the water!”

Is Paddleboarding difficult?

Not at all. SUP is so much easier than sports like tennis or skiing which can take weeks or months to learn. After a 2 hour lesson with us, 95% of all paddlers can safely paddle without falling off and are good to go and explore the St. John waters on there own, without getting into trouble even if it is windy. While the entry is easy, there is no limit, experienced paddlers have paddled from UK to Netherlands, from Puerto Rico to the US, from Ibiza to Spain or Spain to Africa.

Prices for SUP Lessons on St. John 

  • 1-2 hours private lesson including board and carbon paddle rental: 75$ (one person) 2 or more 65$ (per person)
  • half hour trial lesson including board and carbon paddle rental: 30$
  • half hour lesson and half hour paddling by yourself: 50$



They teach on Fanatic Boards. They have a variety of different boards for rent, Falcon Carbon Raceboards in 12’6 and 14′, Fly Allround Boards in 11’0 ,  11’6″ and 10’6″, Fly Air Inflatables in 12′ and 12’6 and an 8’10” Pro Wave Wave SUP. We have high quality carbon and fiberglass paddles (Werner, Fanatic, Kia Loa, Sapient).

Prices for Rental


  • 65$ / day inflatable SUP (Fanatic 12’ Touring or 12’6” inflatable race board) or Allround SUP (Fanatic Fly 10’0, 11’0 or 11’6)
  • 65$ / day Kids SUP / SUP Surf Board (Fanatic 8’10” Pro Wave)
  • 75$ / day Carbon Race Board (Fanatic Falcon 12’6” or 14’)


  • 220$ / week for any Board. If you do a weekly rental, we throw in a free lesson.

 Guided Tours/SUP Charter

  • Want to go on downwinder or crossing or attempt a circumnavigation?
  • Want to paddle on Jost van Dyke or Virgin Gorda? Book a SUP Charter trip with
  • With a weekly paddleboard rental you get a 10% discount on the powerboat charter with Rockhoppin’ Charters!


  • Did you like paddling with us, share your experience on tripadvisor or read what others have to say here.
  • You can also leave a comment below!


The boards are located in Cruz Bay, St. John and complimentary delivery to your villa/hotel is included in the weekly paddleboard rental. Call/Text us on 340-626-2859. Alternatively send an email to info(at)
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