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SUP Yoga – A passing Hype or is it here to stay?

While the Boga SUP Yoga Board was somewhat of an exotic toy a few years ago, most of the big brands now have SUP Yoga Boards in their lineup.

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SUP Training with TRX

One of the things that is really difficult when travelling around the world for SUP Races is to keep up with your training routine, you can’t travel with dumbells, might not have access to a gyms unless you choose a ***** start hotel. That’s why we love Annabel Andersons’ Bodyweight exercises so much. 

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SUP Training the smart way

Do you ask yourself…how much should I train? How do I improve my technique? What are the best nutrition and pacing strategies?

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How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance – SUP Training Book


The long awaited book “How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance” by SUP Training Guru Suzi Trains Maui is now available.

This incredibly valuable book on stand up paddling performance is the next best thing to having Suzie there next to you on the water and on land, training and coaching you. You might not be able to get to Maui, but Suzie Trains Maui can now come to you! Take advantage of these jewels NOW before your next race.

This full color, 356 page book presents hundreds of step-by-step photographs showing exactly how to increase your SUP performance. Improving your cardio capacity and endurance, learning how to develop better balance and faster reaction times for changing conditions, breaking waves or tight buoy turns; are just some of the many ways she will help you increase your paddle board performance.

  • dominate with more paddle power
  • become faster off the start
  • build more body and water confidence
  • increase your mental game
  • choose the right fuel for training and race day
  • develop your very own SUP program
  • improve your balance
  • download a FREE SUP Training Log

World Champion Annabel Anderson writes:

Suzie is not only a trainer and athlete, but and ‘athlete of life’. Suzie brings a compliment of skills to any situation that are garnered from the school of hard knocks to help harness a person’s athletic and personal potential. While you may see a strong, aesthetically beautiful woman from the outside, it’s her life experience that has honed her steely resolve, tenacity, resilience, knowledge and power to overcome the unthinkable. When you read this book, you’re tapping into this bank of knowledge to emerge with an arsenal of tools to help you go forward.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

Some exemplary pages below:

More SUP Training Resources

SUP Racing Tips

SUP Racing Tips from Pros

SUP Racing Tips

Further to our general Paddle Technique Tips, here are the top tips from various Pros.

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Get fit for SUP

Want to increase your SUP strength and flexibility? Looking for some workouts to do before, after or in between paddles? Want to get a dream body?

SUP Fitness with Annabel Anderson

Annabel Anderson, Starboard Team Rider and one of the fastest female Stand-Up Paddlers in the world, reveals her best exercises on The can easily be done from home, all you need is your body weight and a paddle. The exercises might look easy, but they are really tough and effective. Look at the videos and you will know why Annabel is so fast!

The videos were shot right after Annabel's victory in the London Boat Show Indoor SUP sprint challenge. So please excuse the chaotic setting, we decided to prioritize the quality of the exercises over high-end production.

We have grouped the exercises into 3 areas:

  • Warm-Up: best exercises to be done before paddling
  • Flexibility and Mobility: best done after paddling
  • Strength: Increase your sup fitness and strength on those days in between paddles

more exercises coming soon, like us on for updates!