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Mistral introduces inflatable Raceboard and a one design M1 Inflatable Race Class

This month Mistral will introduce the new M1 14’0 and 12’6 inflatable SUP Race Boards, the world's first inflatable Race SUP.

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New Ripper SUP for Kids

Fanatic Ripper Kids SUP

Fanatic has developed a SUP speciffically for kids, which can also be used for Windsurfing.

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Fanatic launches Inflatable SUP “Fly Air”

Fanatic has just announced an inflatable SUP which is based on the proven Fly Model shape and has removable future-style fins. This is good news as typically, the short, built-in “rubber” fins from traditional inflatables make it hard to keep the board on track

Fanatic introduces the new Fly Race 12’6” x 30,5” in exclusive Clear Wood Edition!

Fanatic Fly race clear wood

The Fanatic Fly 12’6” x 30,5” is a great board, it is a bit wider vs. it's slender brother, the "red rocket" 12'6"x27.75. While the red rocket is one of the fastest boards you can find for flat water racing, the 30.5" is more suited for choppy waters and heavier riders.

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Sneak Peak at Puma / Laird Board

Puma Laird SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Yesterday, we got the chance to have a sneak peek at the Puma Laird Board in sunny Spain….

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12’6 Race Board Test by SUPVIC


Our Australian Colleagues from SUP VIC just conducted a nice test of 12’6 stock race boards. They used a 500m flatwater course, consisting of 250m into the wind, a turn around a buoy and then 250m of downwind back. The conditions were flat water and low wind.

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Sneak Preview: Tahoe Thunderbird Race SUP

Tahoe Thunderbird Race Board

Tahoe is known as a manufacturer of innovative high-quality SUPs with a great design. They were the first to come up with a ladies’ board, the beautiful Tahoe Bliss and a Kids Board, the Grom.  The only thing missing in their lineup was a Race Board. Well, not anymore.

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2011 Imagine 14′ Carbon Sprinter – A first look at “black beauty”

Imagine 14' Sprinter with middle fin

Thanks to Carsten Kurmis (Imagine Surfboards) and Guido Meier (Bavarian Waters) we had a chance to take out the new 2011 Imagine 14' Carbon Sprinter on a gorgeous mountain lake this weekend.

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Fanatic Fly Race 12’6″ Carbon – First Impressions

Fanatic Fly Race Carbon Race Board

Last week we had the chance to test the new Fanatic Fly Race 12’6″ 27.75″ in carbon. It is a narrower, faster version of last years successful 12’6″ 30.5″ model, designed for lighter, more experienced riders.

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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Everybody who has been travelling with a SUP knows what for a pain this is. If you are tired of carrying around your SUP, you might want to consider an inflatable.


Have little rubber fins that to not give much traction and no special fibers or stringers that make the board rigid. They bend like bananas for heavier riders but can still be good fun for lighter riders and make the sport easily accessible.

Redpaddleco Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board




have a full size fin with US Finbox System and better traction. They usually also have sytems that make them more rigid.

The new inflatable Touring and Raceboards for example from Fanatic or Mistral are really good.

What is better?

Inflatables have gotten really good but they will always be slower and cost more energy than fixed boards of the same shape

I would always choose an Inflatable race board (e.g. Fanatic Fly Air Race) over an Allround SUP with the rounded Shape (e.g. Fly Pure).

I would always choose an carbon race board over an inflatable race board.

When to buy an inflatable SUP

  • you have no space to transport or store a fixed board
  • you want to ride on rivers/whitewater
  • you want to hike up to a mountain lake with your board
  • you consider pumping the board up a fun part of your warm-up
  • you want to do yoga on your board
  • you want to take your kids or dog on the board (get the Fly Air Touring 12″ x 34″ from Fanatic)
  • you want more workout in less time
  • all your friends or your partner are on ISUPS too


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