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SUP Yoga – A passing Hype or is it here to stay?

While the Boga SUP Yoga Board was somewhat of an exotic toy a few years ago, most of the big brands now have SUP Yoga Boards in their lineup.

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Fanatic Fly Air Fit – Fitness and SUP Yoga Board

Yoga on a SUP is a trend that cannot be ignored anymore. Fanatic has just launched a great new board for that. We tried it out and truly love it.

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Lahui Kai Team Race – SUP Carbon Raceboard


Wondering which board world’s fastest female paddler Annabel Anderson (formerly Starboard) is riding these days? After Annabel Andersons go to shaper Brian Szymanski and John Becker crossed from Starboard to Lahui Kai it only seemed a matter of time until she followed suit and in December 2014 it was officially announced that Annabel joined Lahui Kai.

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Naish 2016 SUP Range

It is this time of the year again…..On the same day as Fanatic, Naish announced their 2016 SUP Range.

Javelin Carbon boards are suitable for ambitious racers and professional competition. They feature a state-of-the-art rocker line and newly developed deck and bottom shape for lightning fast acceleration and ultimate gliding speed.

Available in 24”, 26” and 28” widths, the newly refined Javelins feature a carbon construction which combines the impact resistance of a wood sandwich deck with the lightweight and stiffness of a carbon bottom and carbon rail—providing even more direct board feel.

Available in 24” and 26” widths, the hydrodynamically advanced dihedral nose shape efficiently splits water off the sides of the board, letting the hull move smoothly through windy open water conditions. The newly developed rocker allows the rider to catch glides—even in the roughest conditions—with minimal trim adjustment.


Naish is also introducing the new 2016 Naish Paddle Collection. Engineered for maximum performance and heightened durability, the 2016 line strikes the ideal balance between strength, power and flex. Using cutting-edge materials and shaping techniques, our paddles feature refined constructions, precision blade shaping and are available in a variety of sizes to optimize your stroke. Whether for touring, racing, wave riding or all-around use, Naish paddles offer unmatched performance, quality and value.


A great fit for a wide variety of riders, the fast and easy-to-paddle Glide Touring boards provide enhanced directional stability, making them the ultimate choice for all-around SUP touring.

The newly developed outline—with its wider nose and tail—increases stability in a variety of conditions. Its displacement bow effortlessly pierces through chop, while a deep single-concave tail creates added directional stability, enabling riders to complete more strokes per side. In addition, even volume distribution creates a much larger sweet spot, helping riders of every skill level take their touring experience to the next level.

The New Glide Touring boards also feature plugs in the nose area which can accommodate a bungee storage system for precious cargo.


The Odysseus series is designed for all-around cruising, exploring, learning the basics and riding small waves. Featuring an extra wide outline throughout the nose, mid-section and tail, these boards provide phenomenal stability.

New to the lineup, the 11’2” features an M8 universal insert, which allows for use as a windsurf board as well. Additionally, the Odysseus also features plugs in the nose area which can accommodate a bungee storage system for precious cargo. Also available as a Soft Top for schools and rental centers.

More information on the new 2016 Naish SUP Range.

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Fanatic SUP Collection 2016

Fanatic 2016 SUP Collection

Fanatic SUP Collection 2016The 2016 Fanatic SUP Collection is now online here: There is a lot of new stuff, especially in the area of inflatables.

The new super lightweight double layer light technology makes the boards about 30% lighter yet stiffer. There are new shapes like stubby air for waves and rapid air for white water and there is the brand new Fly Air Fit board for Yoga and Fitness which can be combined with a platform which can connect up to 8 boards.


The inflatables also come with new wheely backpacks and a completely re-designed powerpump.

The Raceboard lineup has been split into the Strike for Flatwater and the Falcon for the ocean. The Strike has a deep cutting bow and is only available in 14′, the Falcon has a more rounded nose shape which is better for ocean racing.

The new Carbon Pro paddle only weights 500g and there now also is a carbon fiber paddle for kids. You can download the new catalog here.

Danny Ching Fastest Paddler on Earth

Danny Ching – Fastest Paddler on Earth @ Lost Mills

Danny Ching Fastest Paddler on Earth

Looking for some Motivation?

Danny Ching, one of the fastest Paddlers in the world, has just set a new unofficial record. He paddled 200m (219 yards)  in 47.6 (!) seconds. That is an average speed of over 15.2 km/h or 9.4 miles per hour! (Fastest Paddler on Earth Contest at Lost Mills Race in Germany, June 2014).

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SUP in the City fun with Fanatic Inflatables

Fanatic team riders Klaas Voget, Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Paulina Herpel went for a SUP adventure in Hamburg city.

“Moin! Moin! Fly Air Inflatable Fun in Hamburg” shows how much fun Stand Up Paddling in the city can be. Follow our riders through small canals, paddling through the famous Speicherstadt, at the Alster or in the middle of Hamburg´s huge port!

The 2015 Naish Javelin LE Unleashed

You’ve seen them gliding their way across finish lines all over the world this SUP season…now, prepare to see them up close and personal. Introducing the new 2015 Naish Javelin LE’s!

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First look at new Mistral Flatwater Raceboard

The first images of the new Mistral Flatwater Raceboard built in Kayak Technology have emerged from snowy Ammersee in Bavaria.

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Fanatic Falcon 14’x25″ – First Impressions

Last weekend, we had a chance to take the new Fanatic Falcon 14'x25" Carbon out and compared it with the Fly Flatwater Carbon 14'x27.5" in a variety of conditions (flat water, choppy water and downwind). Here are the first impressions.

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