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Bart de Zwart - Arctic SUP Crossing

Bart de Zwarts Arctic Crossing: Story and Video

As you might have heard, Bart de Zwart, the man for extreme SUP adventures embarked on another crazy expedition this summer. The plan was to paddle from Canada to Greenland to raise awareness for the melting icebergs, as always, solo and unsupported.

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SUP Circumnavigation of St. John, USVI

On Saturday, July 13th, 2013, Lucy from circumnavigated St. John in the US Virgin Islands on her 14’x25“ Fanatic Falcon, solo and unassisted in 32°C heat. Here she tells her story:

Bart de Zwart’s next adventure: Arctic Crossing

Bart is the man for crazy adventures / tough challenges on a SUP. In 2011, he paddled from Hawaii’s Big Island to Kauai, 5 days and nights, 483 km across the Hawaiian archipelago in wind, waves and with the strongest currents on the planet. UPDATE!

Paddling with Dolphins in Tahiti

Check out this awesome video from Jean Lucchini: “Stand up paddle morning training that turned into a 2 hours playtime with dolphins”

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Bart’s Inaugural North Sea Crossing on a SUP – The full story

In between racing at St. Maxime and Lost Mills, Bart de Zwart embarked on yet another crazy endurance challenge, crossing the North Sea on a SUP, from England to Holland (arriving at the spot in Zandvoort), solo and unassisted. It was about 182 kilometers and it took him 37.5 hours. The details on the course, equipment and preparation are here.

Another year, another crossing. Belar Diaz and Fred Bonnef paddle from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura. On 10’6″.

The new year started like the old one ended. With a crazy crossing. Fred Bonnef and Belar Diaz did it again. After the fabulous Ibiza – Spain Crossing with Annabel Anderson (96.5km in 14.5 hours) and the Gibralar-Ceuta and back crossing with Ramon Blanco (47km in 6.5 hours), they paddled from one Canary Island to another. Without an escort boat.

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Strait of Gibraltar Crossing – Here’s the video…

And here is the video of the crossing….

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SUP Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar: Getarez – Ceuta and back!

 On Friday, December 9th, 2011, Fanatic Team Riders Belar Diaz, Fred Bonnef, Ramon Blanco and Jaime Herraiz ( set out for another SUP first: Paddling from Spain to the African continent and back on the same day. Belar and Fred had already proven they are up for tough challenges by crossing from Ibiza to the Spanish mainland on a SUP with Annabel Anderson earlier this year.

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From Ibiza to Spanish mainland (96.5km) on a SUP

Our friend and top international paddleboarder Kiwi Annabel Anderson was dearly missed in Podersdorf, but after reading this story, no one will blame her. She added another first to her ever expanding portfolio of achievements in recent months by paddling the longest distance in a 24 hour period while crossing from the Baleric island of Ibiza to Spain on Friday together with Fred Bonnef (France) and Belar Diaz (Spain).

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From Switzerland to the Atlantic ocean and back – 5000km on a SUP

Thomas Oschwald has an amazing plan. Beginning of June he will go on a fascinating SUP adventure. He will attempt to paddle from his home in Mollis, Switzerland to the Atlantic Ocean – and back. 5000 km in total. This would be world record. The current official record is held by Tom Jones who standup paddled the length of California from Oregon to Mexico (1,250 Miles in 90 consecutive days).

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