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Team Badfish SUP- 2016 Season Highlights

Team Badfish based in Salida, Colorado continues to push the limits of stand up paddling in rivers. Check out this insane video!

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A Frenchman, a Spaniard and 3 Germans go for a frostbite SUP surf in Bavaria

There is salt water and sweet water. There is warm water and cold water. There are people surfing ocean waves and people surfing river waves. In Bavaria we have no ocean, so we surf in cold, fresh water. On river waves.

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Lake Geneva Switzerland SUP Surfing

Last year I learned 2 new things: That Nidecker, a snowboarding brand from my youth, produces SUP Boards and that you can surf Lake Geneva, Switzerland. This Monday was another of those magic days where the wave was firing…Check this out!

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5-Mile SUP surf @ Turnagain Arm Boretide, Alaska

Due to our geographic location (water temp @ our local riverwave in Munich currently being 3.5°C), we are all into cold water and river waves. So we could not help but investigate a bit, after coming across some amazing shots of a wave in Alaska. Imagine a 5-mile ride. Catching a wave at breakfast, and riding it till lunch? How cool is that?

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