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Paddling with Dolphins in Tahiti

Check out this awesome video from Jean Lucchini: “Stand up paddle morning training that turned into a 2 hours playtime with dolphins”

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WinterSUPing in Cantabria, Spain

There is no such thing as bad weather. Check out this cool video: WinterSUPing in Cantabria, Spain on 900m altitude with the New Starboard Astrorace Inflatable.

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Blue Chip Halloween Paddle

What did you do for Halloween? Check out this aweseome story from Blue Chip SUPer club!

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Bart’s Inaugural North Sea Crossing on a SUP – The full story

In between racing at St. Maxime and Lost Mills, Bart de Zwart embarked on yet another crazy endurance challenge, crossing the North Sea on a SUP, from England to Holland (arriving at the spot in Zandvoort), solo and unassisted. It was about 182 kilometers and it took him 37.5 hours. The details on the course, equipment and preparation are here.

Bart de Zwart crosses Northsea on a SUP

Bart de Zwart, a Dutch Pro Stand Up Paddler living in Hawaii came over to Europe to participate in the SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime last weekend. But this alone was not all, he is today going to cross the Northsea on a SUP Stand Up Paddle Board (STARBOARD 14′ Open Ocean) from England to Holland, solo, non stop and unsupported. UPDATE: Bart just arrived in Zandvoort at the Spot, after 37.5 hours of paddling! Congratulations, Bart!

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Girls’s Traverse of Lake Starnberg, Germany’s 5th largest lake

Back from the Majorca 25k race,  I was keen to do something special on my first weekend back home in Munich in over a month. The idea was a to do a traverse of Lake Starnberg. 25 kilometers South of Munich and Germany’s 5th largest lake. Out of Bavaria’s 307 lakes, it is the second longest lake after Bodensee (Chiemsee is bigger, but only 13km long). It is also the famous place where King Ludwig II. of Bavaria drowned or died under mysterious circumstances in 1886.

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SUP Paddleboard Bavarian Lakes

Best of Bavaria. 15 lakes down, 292 to go….


There are 1.441 km² of water surface in Bavaria, and there are 307 Lakes. My goal is to paddle all of them. One lake at a time, creating a photo report from each paddle. We’ll see how that goes.

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A Frenchman, a Spaniard and 3 Germans go for a frostbite SUP surf in Bavaria

There is salt water and sweet water. There is warm water and cold water. There are people surfing ocean waves and people surfing river waves. In Bavaria we have no ocean, so we surf in cold, fresh water. On river waves.

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Underground SUPing in Austria

When you think of Austria in Winter, outdoor watersports don’t usually spring to mind; so it was obvious to Austrians Wolfgang Leeb, Andrea Freibeger, Armin Walcher and Sebastian Kuklar that they would have to get a little creative this winter if they wanted to find a local spot to pursue their passion for SUP.

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Another year, another crossing. Belar Diaz and Fred Bonnef paddle from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura. On 10’6″.

The new year started like the old one ended. With a crazy crossing. Fred Bonnef and Belar Diaz did it again. After the fabulous Ibiza – Spain Crossing with Annabel Anderson (96.5km in 14.5 hours) and the Gibralar-Ceuta and back crossing with Ramon Blanco (47km in 6.5 hours), they paddled from one Canary Island to another. Without an escort boat.

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