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SUP Dream Destination: Virgin Islands

Are you looking for a totally awesome place to paddle? How about the Virgin Islands? They are a stunningly beautiful collection of about 70 islands, inlets and Cays in the Caribbean that are incredibly close together. They were an El Dorado for pirates in former times, with their hidden and unaccounted bays, perfect to hide and wait for the Spanish Ships that were loaded to the brim with gold from the new world.

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Team Badfish SUP- 2016 Season Highlights

Team Badfish based in Salida, Colorado continues to push the limits of stand up paddling in rivers. Check out this insane video!

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Bart did it again – Muskoka River X 2016

Mr. Endurance Bart de Zwart again won the Muskoka River X Race. Here is what he said right after his victory:

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Copenhagen SUP City Trip

Enjoying the last Summer days here in Europe – why not going on another SUP city trip?

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Bart de Zwart wins Muskoka River X 2015 – Interview

Most people do not feel like holding a paddle or being on the water after the grueling 220km SUP Eleven City Tour. Not so Mr. Endurance Bart de Zwart. He flew straight to Canada from Holland for another insane 220k endurance challenge race, which he won.

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Steeve Teihotaata – Steve who?


Steve Teihotaata of Bora Bora is relatively new to SUP, he has only been stand up paddling for about half a year but he made a name for himself by winning the 132 miles SUP 11 City Tour 2015 – 5 straight wins every day on the Mistral Vortex 14′.

How is that possible you wonder? Well while he is new to SUP, he is not new to paddling. He is one of the world’s best V1 and OC1 paddlers, winning the Super Aito 2010, the Te Aito 2011, 2012 and the OC1 Solo Moloka’i in 2012, 2014 and 2015, finishing 2nd in the Super Aito 2015, by only 8 seconds to Jérusalemy Kevin Ceran.

Mistral signed him for SUP

Steeve Teihotaata was known to me through his OC1 wins of Molokai to Oahu races in 2010, 2014 and 2015 beating the likes of Danny Ching. In addition he paddles with Tahiti’s EDT V6 (OC6) crew and a winner of the Molokai Hoe and many great races back in Tahiti. In addition he, is a Super Aito V1 winner and runner up – the most gruelling solo paddle craft distance event on earth. Growing up on the mythlogical island of Bora Bora, surfing and paddling, Steeve’s natural ability, led him to move to Papeete to paddle and train with his EDT crew.

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Starboard Allstar SUP Suit

It’s getting colder and the dilemma for a paddleboarder in cold water or weather is finding the right clothing, wetsuits are designed to be comfortable being wet but if you don’t fall in they are way to thick, unflexible and warm.

Starboard has a solution for this, the brand new Allstar SUP Suit. It’s the future of cold water paddling, using hyper-flex, breathable technology to regulate and keep your body at optimum temperature while maintaining mobility and movement.

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Nautic SUP Crossing Paris – Registration Opens Sept 15th

Registration for the Nautic SUP Crossing Paris opens at 10:00 AM Tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 15th. The spaces are limited and fill up fast, so don’t miss this!

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SUP Yoga – A passing Hype or is it here to stay?

While the Boga SUP Yoga Board was somewhat of an exotic toy a few years ago, most of the big brands now have SUP Yoga Boards in their lineup.

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Fanatic Fly Air Fit – Fitness and SUP Yoga Board

Yoga on a SUP is a trend that cannot be ignored anymore. Fanatic has just launched a great new board for that. We tried it out and truly love it.

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